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Updates on progress and discussions on results of Science 2.0: implications for European policies on research and innovation study

Science 2.0 is not just a passing fad: crowdsourcing the evidence

We’re approaching the final stage of our study. So far, we have  opened up our bibliography on our Mendeley group here; our notes through this very blog; our model for open science; and our draft policy recommendations for EU. And we’ve benefited from your comments and insight.

Now, we need your help to improve the evidence about the importance of Science 2.0, if we want policy-makers to take it seriously.

Therefore, we share the final presentation that we have presented to the European Commission, DG RTD here.

Help us improving it, by gathering more data and evidence, showing that Science 2.0 is important and disruptive, and that it’s happening already. In particular, we ask to share evidence and data on the take-up of Science 2.0: how many scientist are adopting it? With what benefits?

We ask all people interested in Science 2.0 to share the evidence at hand, by adding comments to the presentation. If you prefer, just leave a comment to this post.


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2 thoughts on “Science 2.0 is not just a passing fad: crowdsourcing the evidence

  1. Openness is the best thing happening to science right now! It will exponentially increase the importance of discovery tools though…

  2. telescoper on said:

    Reblogged this on In the Dark and commented:
    I cam across this on Twitter today and thought I’d share it. Although I have written at various times about open access and the virtues of sharing scientific data, I hadn’t realised that such things came under the umbrella of “Science 2.0”, a term which is quite new to me. This post contains some very interesting ideas and information on the subject.

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