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Big Data and Scientific Method

The dramatic increase in data availability affected the very foundations of the scientific method. So far scientific research was based on the hypotesis-driven deductive method: the scientist, after having observed a phenomenon, makes some assumptions, builds a theory or a model to explain it, and then tests the theoretical framework against the data.

This might no longer be the case, as science is more and more data-driven, due to sophisticated algorithms capable of finding patterns in huge databases. In fact big data availability opened the door to data-driven inductive reasoning  based on generalizing hypothesis from examples.

What are your views?


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2 thoughts on “Big Data and Scientific Method

  1. pedroprietomartin on said:

    Not only is Science getting more “data driven”. Especially when one thinks of Web Science, it is also getting more “context-aware” and “agora driven”. This is very much related to your other question, about Social Sciences and Science 2.0.

    Have a look at this paper:

    Akkermans, H., Gyan, N. B., Bon, A., Tuyp, W., Grewal, A., Boyera, S., & Allen, M. (2011). Is (Web) Science Ready for Empowerment? (pp. 1–7). Presentado en Proceedings of the ACM WebSci’11, Koblenz, Germany.

    And in general to the proposals about “phronesis” from Flyvbjerg, like:

    Flyvbjerg, B. (2001). Making Social Science Matter: Why Social Inquiry Fails and How it Can Succeed Again. (S. Sampson, Trans.) (1.ª ed.). Cambridge University Press.

    Flyvbjerg, B., Landman, T., & Schram, S. (Eds.). (2012). Real Social Science: Applied Phronesis (1.ª ed.). Cambridge University Press.

  2. Very interesting Pedro, thanks!

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